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Vinyl Covers Gone Mad!
Wednesday 25th of November 2009 01:55:00 AM
Unga's New Works
Tuesday 24th of November 2009 07:57:53 PM
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Friday 18th of September 2009 04:06:29 PM
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The First Israeli Lomography Meeting
Sunday 16th of August 2009 09:03:23 PM

A Short explanatory energetic video from the lecture about lomographic cameras.


Also check the israeli lomography website

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Elna X Nike
Tuesday 11th of August 2009 05:40:40 PM

Watch the new ELNA X NIKE commercial for the new costum made NIKE'S that Elna designed.


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Alon Livne at the Israei Designers market event
Saturday 08th of August 2009 09:49:32 PM


The designer and Israeli Project Runway contestant - Alon livne

Will be showing his personal designs at the next  ‘designer market ‘ event

On the 13-15 of August.

Alone has been designing fashion since he was seventeen and when he was nineteen

He got an apprentice jobe at Alexander McQueen’s in London.

Later on he worked as head designer for the Israeli designer ‘Yosef  ‘ and was designing his

Casual  line. He also succeeded to get to work for Roberto cavalli.

You can buy his casual line at the event- summer dresses, singlet’s, shirts and evening gowns .

13-15 of August  Bitan 10 ‘ Ganei Hatarucha’ Tel Aviv


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Gianfranco Azzaroccini presents DISTURBIA
Thursday 06th of August 2009 04:08:54 AM



Gianfranco is a design student at the Shenkaer academy for art and design .

Disturbia is his final project that deals with verbal violence and focuses on homophobia.

Throughout his personal story and the disturbance he suffered growing up in suburbia

He fused together those words to make a statement.

A statement that after the events of Saturday 1.8.09 takes a chilling meaning

Emphasizing the ability of words to kill.

(at Saturday evening 1.8.09 a killer stepped into the Tel Aviv gay community center and killed Two teenage   volunteers and wounded several others.)

 Gianfranco took the words that scared him the most as a child and attached them with the most positive adjectives. It was important to him to make reconciliation with his past   

In order to clear his inner darkness.

For the materials he chose sugar cubes that symbolize his will to sweetened his traumatic memories and created phrases like : ‘beautiful cock sucker’ out of sweet sugar.



disturbia 2disturbia3

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a new interview at photographer Eilon paz vinyl blog
Thursday 06th of August 2009 04:36:56 AM

Hello again friend and music lovers,

here is Akalepse from Brooklyn, NY.
with an amazing and diverse vinyl collection, from Jazz to Funk to classic Hip Hop and Brazli and of course some old rarities.


eilon 1

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Bina. - the tooth ashtry By PILPELED
Friday 31st of July 2009 07:51:04 AM

new shit drop by Pilpeled [israeli urban artist]
Bina. - The tooth ashtray is the new awsome product by pilpeled .
the guy just keep making us all in shock n just waiting for the next products .
dont say you dont hear nothing !
Its gonna be availabe at the august 15 Over DifferentAngle.co.il
[Pre orders are avaiable at info@differentangle.co.il]

Dont say i didnt knew! limited edition few will be out !
Be the first one to catch one of thoose !!!

Pilepeld Bina the thooth ashtray

we actully excisted as hell !
Props 2 pilpeled .

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first solo exhibition of the American-Israeli artist kukula at Urbanix gallery
Thursday 06th of August 2009 04:23:44 AM


Prozac for a princess is the first solo exhibition of the American-Israeli artist kukula

Kukula is considered as one of the most interesting urban artists in the American urban art scene.

She started making prints for T shirts that were sold in boutiques across the west coast until she was offered to exhibit her works as paintings in one of the boutiques ,and that started a successful career.

Kukula was born in a relatively isolated village called Karkur, about an hour north of Tel Aviv. Her few neighbors were mostly retirees, many of them Holocaust survivors. As a result her childhood imagination was nourished by equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories. Thus the attempt to reconcile real life horror with fantasy life sweetness emerges as an almost constant theme in her work.


In the current exhibition Kukula continue to explore princess fantasies with the gentle atmosphere of Solitude and despair that lies beneath the bubbly surface with a self eroticism that turns the paintings Into objects of passion , lust and love.    


Urbanix gallery

45 Shenkin st. Tel Aviv

Sun-Thursday 10:00-20:00

Friday 10:00-15:00



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Raw Taps Records New Release
Saturday 25th of July 2009 07:19:34 PM

Raw Tapes is an israeli hip hop record label, combining new talents in the ongoing israeli underground hip hop scene.

check their new release (click for download) - "PLUSGA VS GUADALOOP"

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Saturday 25th of July 2009 07:13:28 PM

Israeli based graphic artist ELNA,
made a costume made Nike sneakers with his unique comic style.

ELNA'S NIKE (click for big image)

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